What are your rituals? // Day 44

Every day, when I write one of these love notes to you, writer, I spend a moment figuring out what the title will be and create the graphic at my desk.

Then comes the ritual part. I go into the living room and sit in the same spot on the couch, right next to the window. I prop my feet on the adjoining couch and open up my phone. Then I start typing the words.

The couch, the window, the phone, even the propping of my feet — they're all part of the ritual now. They tell my body, mind, and heart it's writing time. My heart then turns to you. My mind begins to focus. The voice surfaces. The writing starts.

I've come to love this small routine that gets the words out of me, flowing in love for you.

And you? What are your writing rituals? What helps your whole self know it's time to write?