Use your senses // Day 51

I talk a lot about intuition in my bookwifery work. It's been a frequent subject here in this series of love notes too.

But what about its converse, the senses? What role do the senses play in the writing of your book?

I find the senses especially important when writing scenes. Tell us about the smell and feel of things. Let us hear dialogue or ambient sounds. Give us visuals to activate our inner eyes as we read. 

It's the old trope of "show, don't tell." It is still so true.

But the senses can be helpful to your experience of writing, too. What sounds help you sink into your writing zone? What smells do you seek to heighten? What about the visuals of your writing spaces? What about the feel of typing or writing longhand?

Intuition is such a guide for you as you go. But the senses ... well, they're what help it come alive.