Ask for what you need // Day 64

I had a client come to a session this week with two questions: How do I get organized, and what do I do next? By the end of our time, she had found her way to the answers to both questions. (I love when that happens!)

Another client emailed me two weeks after our last session to say she'd never received the follow-up notes and assignment details I said I would send to her. Turns out, I had sent them to what turned out to be an alternate (not primary) email address I had for her on hand. Communication mix-up! I loved her willingness to tell me she didn't have what she needed and to ask me for it.

Do you know what you need when it comes to your work on your book right now? And do you know how to ask for it — whether you're asking God or a spouse or a collaborator or even your very own self? How can you let yourself ask for what you need?