Dig deep // Day 57

I've been developing a new process for working with authors in the first stage of writing their book, and as I've been receiving from current clients their first assignments of the process, I'm gratified to see what it is opening up for them. It works!

What I'm noticing most of all is that this process pushes them deep. It takes them into the real waters of their book. It gets them into the thick of it — the place that says, "This right here? This is what the real work of the book is going to be." It shows them a glimpse of what's ahead.

And their courage and resilience? Their bravery in wading right into it? It is nothing short of inspiring. They are my heroes, and I'm grateful to be privileged to walk this journey with them.

And you? How might that bravery and resilience be yours, too? How is your book calling you to dig deep to write it? How are you honoring that call? 

The process I've mentioned above is called a "conception month" and provides you with a burst of focus and output on your book, right from the get-go. It includes three sessions with me, two assignments, and feedback on a fresh batch of written pages. It will be going live for purchase on the Bookwifery website soon — so stay tuned!