More minds help // Day 74

I don't know about you, but for myself, I can say that team projects in school were the worst. Not everyone pulled their weight, not everyone owned the outcome, not everyone cared.

It was enough to make me a solo worker for life.

But when everyone on the team cares, when everyone brings their best work to it, when everyone is invested in its outcome, magical things happen.

Just this week, I worked with a team of folks to bring a big project of theirs to completion. I created their initial draft, making it the best I could imagine on my own, and then the team came in and offered their own ideas that pushed it to a wholly higher level. By the end, it positively sparkled and shined. We all stood back and said with pride, "Look at what we did!"

Your book will always be yours. You are its mastermind. You are its ultimate and final caretaker.

But just imagine what it could become if other people, with their own great minds and gifts, could help you see it across life's passageway. How much more could it be then?

Gather a team of people around you who care deeply with you about your book's life and can help you birth it into its best possible life. You will, no doubt, stand back with pride and amazement, together, in the end.