Let others in // Day 81

This past weekend, one of my favorite people, who is also a gifted writer and artist, hosted a celebration in honor of the release of her new book. A group of people gathered in a light-filled room to hear her do a reading, to share hugs and well-wishes, and to purchase copies of the book for themselves and as gifts. It was a beautiful way to usher the new book officially into this world.

Another author told her tribe of friends on Facebook that she'd just finished writing her book's first draft. Then the love started pouring in! Some folks didn't know she was working on a book. Others remembered when she first voiced the desire to do so. Still others knew she'd been working on it for some time now. Collectively, they shared in the celebration of this big milestone in her book's journey.

Writing can be such a solitary and sometimes private thing. We work alone so much of the time on them, and we often hold our projects close, unsure what they even are, never mind talking about them with other people.

But I encourage you to let others in. Let them celebrate and mark milestones with you. Let them know you're working on this very special thing called a book. Even if there's no big milestone being met at the moment, can you let yourself be known and seen in this place of creation where you are?

The support and companionship you gain by doing so can fill your sails with wind you can't generate on your own.