Heed the images // Day 82

I received a first draft from a writer this past weekend who said she organized her chapters around the metaphor of music. Her book is not about music, but she noticed in the writing process how often those metaphors fit her subject matter. They helped crystallize the ideas. They gave the content greater handles and shape. So she decided to play with it. Together, we're going to discover if it works.

I've noticed in another manuscript I'm editing that the writer uses the image of singing often in the book. I'm wondering if she noticed that. I'm wondering if that singing image could provide an anchor for the book somehow. Together, we will explore that idea.

I share this with you because images can be powerful allies for you in your book. If they recur as you're writing, pay attention. It could be that your subject matter is inviting you into deeper waters, is showing its wisdom to you, is helping you find your way onto the path it already knows you should walk.