Push against the gremlins // Day 77

What does your particular brand of gremlin say to you? And what does it take for you to push its voice away?

We've all got them, and they're all destructive to the soul. They may tell us we're not good enough, that we're a fraud, that we have no right to tell this story, that something terrible will happen if we do.

They may get us to believe we're not worthy, that it has to be word-perfect straight out of the gate, that we don't really want to do this project after all, that it doesn't matter and no one will care.

You have to push, dear writer, and you have to push hard.

Call those gremlins out. Tell them what your deepest, truest, most pure and beautiful self believes. Shine light against that darkness, and shine it bright. That's how the gremlins are pushed out of your head and heart space. Light is what will save you.