Offer your gift // Day 78

I'm working with an author on her book about the spirituality of motherhood, and every moment that I spend with her words, I feel with great force the gift she is offering to the other mothers who will read her book. Who she is, is gentle. What she does is see. And you can feel that — the gentleness and the seeing — in every last sentence she has penned.

She's offering the gift of herself — her very essence — in this book. Though her readers may never know her in real life, they will know the essence of her in their reading of her book. And that is an incredible gift.

This makes me want to encourage you with a similar word. What is the gift of you, dear writer? How would you describe the pure you? That is (part of) the gift you will impart to your readers. The gift of you gets given to them. Let yourself give on.