Lean into trust // Day 79

I'll tell you this. Any editor worth their salt cares deeply about the books and authors entrusted to their care.

They're editors because they have the gift of sight. They can see you, they can see what you're trying to do with your book, and they can see what your book is trying to become.

I tell you this because I know the act of placing your book into someone else's hands — that very exchange — is one of the most vulnerable and courageous acts you, as a writer, ever will do. And when those hands belong to a professional, someone who is trained to make books the best they can be, this exchange can feel especially daunting.

We get that.

The important thing to know is that we are on your side. Remember, we have the gift of sight. We see you, we see your intention, and we see your book. In that way, you and your book could be in no better hands.

Lean into trust, then, dear writer, if you can.