No book is error-free // Day 12

I'm going to let you in on a publishing-industry secret today, dear writer, and it's this: no published book is error-free. 

This is a truth we editors hate, but it's a truth in this industry nonetheless. You should hear the howls that erupt in cubicles the publishing world over when a book comes back from the printer with a bald mistake in it. 

It happens every time. 

It kills us as much as it kills you. After all, our job title could be boiled down to two words: "book perfecter."

The reason this happens is this: Books are produced by humans. And no matter the number of times a book has been read and edited and proofed and galleyed, humans miss things. We make mistakes.

But you know what? I also kind of love this. Because it affirms this is a human affair. Books are not made by machines. A machine could not forge the connection you do with your readers. A machine could not help you make your book the best it can possibly be. A human writer and human editor do these things. And a human reader reads it. 

The small mistake you will no doubt one day find in your published book is no match for the wonder-filled force that is your book in total. 

Let the process be human. That's what makes it actually great. Choose a publishing team you trust. Know they're doing their best work for you each day. And let the minuscule errors go, if and when you find them. It will all be okay. I promise.