Let yourself be human // Day 18

We've talked, writer, about the human enterprise that is book publishing — how no book gets through the process error-free. 

Let's talk now about your life as a writer. Can you let yourself be human here too? 

Your humanity is what called you to this work — your deep seeing and feeling and imagining. You are acutely aware of your humanity, so you undertake the expression of this experience. 

But that produces pressure. Self-imposed pressures and expectations, yes. But the pressures and expectations of the world, too. 

It's no new thing to you that this is not a world friendly to the human experience. Rather, most of the world runs on avoiding the truth of that experience. Sleek perfection is heralded as the standard. Shaming greets any flaw that shows. 

It's enough to make one's creative life shrink back into the shadows, safe from the specter of mockery. 

Reject this temptation, writer. Go against that flow. Embrace all that is human in this life and in you. That is where your true art lives.