This is an exacting work // Day 20

This is no tidy task, dear writer. Birthing puts everything on the table, calls everything into question, pulls everything out of you. 

Sue Monk Kidd says, "Conception, labor, and birthing . . . offer a body parable of the process of awakening. The parable tells us things we need to know about the way awakening works — the slow, unfolding, sometimes hidden, always expanding nature of it, the inevitable queasiness, the need to nurture and attend to what inhabits us, the uncertainty of the outcome, the fearful knowing that once we bring the new consciousness forth, our lives will never be the same."

This is the work you are doing with your book. It is slow. It is sometimes hidden, even from you. It can make you queasy. Its outcome is not known. It asks for your attention. It fully changes you.

This is why you are brave. This is why we tip our hats to you. Because you allow all of this, in honor of what you know needs to be brought forth. 

Keep going. This is an exacting work, but it creates life.