Who is your ideal reader? // Day 30

I don't pretend this is an easy question to answer, dear writer. But I propose that it can set you free.

So often, I know, you get stymied in the writing process because you anticipate readers who are not the most charitable ones to be found. You hear their criticisms in your head, so you preemptively criticize the parts of the book you're sure they will not like, turning on your book before anyone reads it at all.

But try this instead.

Turn your focus toward the one who will love your book, or who needs it, whose life will be saved by the reading of it, who will feel nothing but gratitude for your writing of it.

Free yourself up, in doing this, to write with abandon — to give your book your absolute all, and to even enjoy yourself while doing it.

Who would you name as the ideal reader for your book? Why will she cherish your book? What gift are you giving her? Free yourself to give her that gift completely.

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