1st Trimester Course


Wouldn't it be fantastic if, when setting out on your book pregnancy, you had someone telling you what to do—and when? And someone helping you discern and hold the vision of what's developing through you?

Step into the 1st Trimester of your book pregnancy with assurance, guidance, safety, and support.

Throughout this 3-month course that follows on from the 4-week book pregnancy planning course, we'll take everything you learned in the 4-week planning course and apply it specifically to your book.

This course is a highly curated experience, allowing you to work closely with your creative midwife and a trusted group of writerly peers in a small cohort setting as you start growing your book, your voice, and your audience in concrete ways. 

Please note: All Bookwifery courses are designed to support authors writing books in the general nonfiction category—what I call "books that help people"—and, more specifically, books that will heal the world with light in some way. The Bookwifery courses are not designed to support authors writing books in the memoir, creative nonfiction, or fiction categories.

Course Outline

  • Module 0: Pre-Course Build Weeks

  • Module 1: Your Voice

  • Module 2: Your Audience

  • Module 3: Your Book

Course Format

  • Tailored assignments for the pre-course build weeks

  • Three private 1:1 sessions

  • Six group check-in calls

  • 25 email lessons

  • 10+ audio and video lessons

  • Three PDF workbooks

  • Private Facebook community

Course Prerequisite

The above course is required for all who wish to enroll in the 1st Trimester course.

Candle with Books.jpg
I absolutely love and deeply value that the course is facilitated in and by discernment. This is the game changer for me with Bookwifery, compared to other programs that aren’t enmeshed in a discernment process. Christianne has an incredible gift of hosting and facilitating discernment.
— Roslyn Manson

Course Curriculum

Module 0: Build Weeks

  • Build Week 1: Your Home Base

  • Build Week 2: Your Outposts

  • Video Lesson: How to Set Up a Website and Blog

Module 1: Your Voice

  • Lesson 1: Your Voice

  • Lesson 2: Research on Amazon

  • Lesson 3: Visit a Bookstore

  • Lesson 4: How You'll Say It

  • Lesson 5: Try It Out

Module 2: Your Audience

  • Lesson 1: Your Audience

  • Lesson 2: Be of Service

  • Lesson 3: Know, Like, and Trust

  • Lesson 4: Entertain, Persuade, Inspire, or Educate

  • Lesson 5: Create an Editorial Calendar

  • Audio Lesson: Start With the End in Mind

  • Audio Lesson: Algorithms

  • Audio Lesson: Email Newsletters

  • Audio Lesson: How to Increase Engagement for Blogging, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Audio Lesson: How Much of Your Book Should You Share Publicly?

  • Audio Lesson: How to Build Your Audience While Writing Your Book

Module 3: Your Book

  • Lesson 1: It's Time to Start on the Book

  • Lesson 2: Pull Out the Existing Content

  • Lesson 3: Name the Gaps

  • Lesson 4: Common Questions, Concerns, and Struggles

  • Lesson 5: What Don't the Other Books Cover?

  • Lesson 6: Clarify Your Beliefs

  • Lesson 7: What Someone Needs to Know

  • Lesson 8: What the Process Looks Like

  • Lesson 9: Stories and Examples

  • Lesson 10: Transformation You've Witnessed (and What Caused It)

  • Lesson 11: Bring Order From Chaos

  • Lesson 12: What Doesn't Belong?

  • Lesson 13: A Probable Order

  • Lesson 14: Write Summaries

  • Lesson 15: It's Time to Celebrate

  • Video Walkthrough: The Brain Dump

  • Video Walkthrough: Clarify Your Beliefs

  • Video Walkthrough: Notice the Patterns

  • Video Walkthrough: A Probable Order

  • Video Walkthrough: Write Summaries

Course Fee: $749

Enrollment for this course and its prerequisite—the book pregnancy planning course—is currently closed. Sign up to be notified when enrollment opens.