Hello! I'm Christianne, and I've been practicing bookwifery for more than 15 years. 

In my long career with words, I've added to my résumé the credits of associate book editor for a traditional publishing house, staff editor for an international nonprofit, writing director of an honors college, magazine and web editor for a trendy tastemaker of culture, writer-for-hire for nonprofits and for-profits and would-be authors, and full-time book editor on a freelance basis.

Books have always been my first love.

I'm also a practitioner of the soul. Nearly 10 years ago, I began dedicated training in spiritual formation and spiritual direction, earning an MA and certificate, respectively, and have been writing and developing resources for the soul since 2008 on my companion site, Still Forming

Along the way, I completed a master's degree in entertainment business, too. 

My most successful Bookwifery partnerships include a threefold kinship of spirit, mind, and heart. I work best in the memoir and spirituality genres, and I accept some fiction projects. I do not work with children's books, health books, or family heirloom books. 

If what you've found here resonates, I would love to explore working with you. Want to know what that's like? Read the words of some of those I've worked with below. 


Christine Mason Miller

This is what I learned through the process of writing Moving Water and working with Christianne from day one: writing a book is one thing, and crafting a compelling, well-written book is quite another. The latter happens in the editing process.

With Christianne as my editor and guide, I am now holding a book that one person after another after another has said they could not put down. On my own, perhaps my book would have been decent. With Christianne, it positively shines.

Christine published her memoir, Moving Water, in June 2016.

Jan Richardson

As an editor, Christianne has the rare ability to see the forest and the trees. She has an innate capacity for helping me step back and discern the big picture of a book and then to attend to the details — all the textures and lines that form an intricate, integral part of that picture. Her gifts and experience as a soul care practitioner — one who listens deeply and fully and well, relying on both intuition and skill — help ensure that both the book and the author will emerge whole from the journey of creation.

I love receiving feedback from Christianne because of her exquisite talent for doing what an excellent editor should do: she helps me sound most like myself. In a vocation that can feel quite solitary, I am grateful beyond measure for the clarity, wisdom, and companioning that Christianne brings to the creative path.

Jan published Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons in November 2015 and a new book of blessings, The Cure for Sorrow, in November 2016


Becky Eldredge

My book idea marinated for years. After many failed attempts to get the book out of me, I was ready to put it on the shelf permanently.

I met Christianne through our mutual spiritual direction work, and we instantly clicked. She offered to meet with me to use her skills of compassionate listening and discernment to help provide clarity for the direction my book wanted to go. After our first meeting, I knew she was the right person to walk with me through this book process.

Her big-picture content edits were vital in helping me clarify the overall vision of the book. The gift of her detailed and honest editing helped me to not only turn in a professional book proposal, but also a very clean version of my completed manuscript.

Christianne was a companion for me along the journey and a constant encourager when I was in a season of doubt or hitting a brick wall. Her skills as a spiritual director and editor combine to make for a true midwife of both word and soul.

Becky contracted with Loyola Press for her first book, Busy Lives and Restless Souls: How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life, which was published in March 2017.

Rachel Twigg

I have known Christianne for about four years through our mutual work as spiritual directors, and I have always considered her to be a wise and compassionate guide.

About six months ago, I contacted her and said, “It probably sounds silly, but I feel like there is a book growing inside me, just waiting to be born!”

As you may have guessed, this didn’t seem silly to her at all.

Although I have written articles, blog posts, and sermons for most of my professional life, I have never written a book and the thought of doing so seemed daunting. Having Christianne help me break down the process, set reasonable goals, and check in with me is the main reason I am still writing.

Birthing something new can be a vulnerable and lonely process. Working with Christianne has dramatically increased my confidence and sense of fulfillment in the writing process. I can trust her to tell me when something needs to be cut, and when she says, “Keep going,” I know I can.

I am so grateful that Christianne was willing to work with me from the moment of conception and look forward to seeing what the book we birth together will look like.

Rachel is writing her first book, a memoir based on her experience as a woman in ministry and of walking the Camino de Santiago in 2015.

Jenn Giles Kemper

Christianne's training and giftedness as a spiritual director are such a gift to her work with words. She's present and able to hold space for the creative process. She's sensitive to the movement of the Spirit. As a result, she's a great listener. But, even rarer, she is a great hearer. 

In her listening, watching, and noticing, she seems to gather so much more than I ever realized I was communicating. While she is so experienced and knowledgeable in idea-shaping, writing, editing, and book creation, what I appreciate most is her willingness to offer that with wisdom and humility—but within a set structure!

I'm not an administrator, and much of the work of a book is step-by-step tasks that need to be managed by a skilled project manager. You'll get that in Christianne, too. She'll graciously keep you on track and moving forward. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough and am so grateful to be able to consider her a friend, colleague, confidant, and partner. I look forward to working with Christianne on many projects over many years!

Jenn is working on a book about the postures and practices of spiritual formation, in support of her creation of the Sacred Ordinary Days planner. 

Jeanie Hoover

When I met with Christianne after she read my manuscript, it felt like she was nurturing and tending to a fragile seedling, just coming up in the ground. She listened to me well, she affirmed my voice, and she got why I’m writing this book and what it wants to say. I only wish I had taped our session because there were a couple of times she said something that spoke directly to the unspoken feelings deep in my soul around this book. She stated its mission statement in words I’d not yet expressed. She heard me at a very deep level. It reminded me of how powerful it is to be listened to in this way. She named the things I was feeling, all with tenderness, compassion, and excitement. Wow! 

I was deeply encouraged. I feel the courage and excitement to start writing again. I am energized and invigorated for what is ahead. I know I am in good hands.

Jeanie has finished the first draft of a manuscript about the transformational power of listening in everyday life