Are you pregnant with a book?

Sure, most people wouldn't phrase it quite that way, but in my line of work, I know 80–90 percent of adults say they'd like to write a book someday.

What makes the difference between those who say it and those who do it?

Birthing a book is no small undertaking. I've come to believe it requires discernment, intention, and craft.

Discernment is the first step. It helps you know if this work is yours to do in the first place. If it is yours to do, discernment continues as you bring your book into the world with the intention and craft it deserves.

Are you pregnant with a book? Let's find out.

This mini-course is for you if:

  • You've been carrying the question of whether you're meant to write a book for a while—perhaps even years. 
  • The question of a book keeps coming back because you long to make meaning from what you know and to contribute to the betterment of humanity.
  • The question keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list, mainly because you don't know how to answer it. 
  • Your life is already full, and you're not sure how—or if—writing a book fits in.
  • You don't know what's involved in writing and publishing a book. You're wondering, "Do I have what it takes? Would a publisher be interested? Do I need a platform or audience? What about the book proposal?"

*But this mini-course is not for you if:

  • You're wanting to write a novel. (Here at Bookwifery, I focus solely on helping writers who are birthing books that help people in a direct way—what is commonly called general nonfiction.)
  • You want to write a book solely for the benefit of posterity or your family. (Bookwifery helps authors seeking to share the wisdom, expertise, and insight they've gained from their vocation or life experience with a broader audience.) 

Together, we'll cover:

  • Discernment guidance and principles of interpretation
  • The four significant factors you must consider before birthing a book
  • A three-tiered approach to writing and publishing that authors of books that help people must consider.
  • FREE BONUS: "The Bookwifery Discernment Guide: 9 Questions to Help You Find Book Clarity"

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Your Course Host

Hello! I'm Christianne Squires, and I help birth books that help people.

I've been working in publishing and editorial for nearly twenty years and in spiritual formation and spiritual direction for almost ten years. I've earned a master's degree in entertainment business, a master's degree in spiritual formation and leadership, and a training certificate in spiritual direction.

Bookwifery is where my two passions—books and discernment—meet. I'd love to help you discern whether writing and publishing a book is for you.