I currently offer three Bookwifery courses:

  • Are You Pregnant With a Book? This course is for you if you're not sure you're pregnant with a book. 
  • Book Pregnancy Planning Course. This course is your first step once you know you're pregnant with a book. It lays a solid foundation for the remainder of your book pregnancy.
  • 1st Trimester Course. This course provides a highly personalized experience of the 1st Trimester of book pregnancy in a cohort setting. (Note: It is highly recommended you complete the book pregnancy planning course before enrolling in this course.)

Are You Pregnant With a Book?

Many people carry the question of a book inside them for years. When the question goes unanswered with no action taken, they often feel only regret. 

What if you could answer that question now? Enroll in the free 2-day mini-course that helps you discern whether birthing a book is for you.

Duration: 2 days

Enrollment: OPEN

Book Pregnancy Planning Course

There's so much more to writing a book than simply writing its pages. It's even more than writing the book proposal and finding a publisher.

If you're on the path to birthing a book that's going to help people in some direct way (what is commonly known as general nonfiction), it's important that you tend three aspects of your book pregnancy at once: your book, your voice, and your audience. 

This 4-week book pregnancy planning course helps you do just that. It establishes your footing and sets you on the right course from the get-go.  

Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: $197
Enrollment: OPEN

1st Trimester

With the solid foundation of the 4-week planning course under your belt, you move into the actual work of the 1st Trimester: growing your book, your voice, and your audience.

We do this within the context of community. Small cohorts of 4–10 writers move through the 1st Trimester of book pregnancy together.

By the end of this course, you develop the skeleton structure of your book, are able to declaratively name what makes your voice unique, and roll out and begin to execute your initial strategy for cultivating your audience.

Duration: 9 weeks
Fee: $749
Next session: May 2018

Coming Soon

2nd Trimester (Fall 2018)

This course provides you with highly personalized support and guidance through the completion of your book proposal, query letter, and three sample chapters. (Note: It is strongly recommended you complete the book pregnancy planning and 1st Trimester courses before enrolling in this course.)

3rd Trimester (Early 2019)

Once your book is in production, this course helps you develop a birth plan for your book and supports you through your book's delivery and postnatal period.