Discernment Sessions


Exploration. Reflection. Presence. Noticing.

Book a discernment session for greater clarity.

Together, we can discern together the question of your book pregnancy, your life's work, the light you bear, or other matters that are important to you.  We'll hold your questions, explore the invitations, and invite deeper noticing.

Once you book the session, I'll send you pre-session questions to prepare both of us for our shared time together.

My promise to you: I will bring to our session my full presence and a prayerful posture of listening, noticing, and discernment. The content of our session will be held in confidence. I will regard you and what you share with kindness, professionalism, and respect.

Please note: Discernment sessions are meant to come alongside your personal practice of discernment. By scheduling a session, you acknowledge that these sessions offer no guarantee that you will receive conclusive answers, insight, revelation, or clarity.

FEE: $125