Book Pregnancy Planning Course

If the book What to Expect When You're Expecting were applied to book pregnancy, this 4-week intro course would be it. Book pregnancy starts here.

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It’s more than a course.
It’s companionship for the journey.

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Immediately upon enrollment, receive immediate access to the Bookwifery Collective!

  • 24/7 access to a community that fosters connection and support of you and your book pregnancy as you grow your book

  • Weekly live check-ins

  • Monthly soul-tending sessions

Having the community of fellow-travelers surround me on this path and being able to journey with them has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. These are amazing women with amazing stories, gifts, and talents, and I am humbled and blessed to be associated with them.
— Kathy Swaar

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Your enrollment additionally includes an invitation to a pre-course group gathering designed to ritualize this moment of your yes to book pregnancy.

You are pregnant with a book. How are you responding to that news in this very moment, even before the tending of your book pregnancy begins?

This bonus gathering helps you notice and respond to your experience of this threshold moment.

I absolutely love and deeply value that the course is facilitated in and by discernment. This is the game changer for me with Bookwifery, compared to other programs that aren’t enmeshed in a discernment process. Christianne has an incredible gift of hosting and facilitating discernment.
— Roslyn Manson

Course Outline

  • Week 1: Your Book

  • Week 2: Your Voice

  • Week 3: Your Audience

  • Week 4: Your Book Pregnancy Plan

Course Intention

  • Gain momentum for your book-birthing experience

  • Start self-identifying as an author

  • Commit to parenting your book

  • Develop a book pregnancy plan

Course Format

  • Week-daily (M–F) email lessons

  • Twice-weekly video lessons

  • Four PDF workbooks

  • Access to the Bookwifery Collective private community

  • Weekly check-in sessions

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This course lays the foundation for your book pregnancy and is the entry point to the 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, and 3rd Trimester courses that follow, which are available by invitation only.

Please note: All Bookwifery courses are designed to support authors writing books in the general nonfiction category—what I call "books that help people"—and, more specifically, books that will heal the world with light in some way. The Bookwifery courses are not designed to support authors writing in the memoir, creative nonfiction, or fiction categories.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Your Book

  • Lesson 1: Discernment

  • Lesson 2: Time Commitment

  • Lesson 3: Publishing

  • Lesson 4: Existing Content

  • Lesson 5: The Gaps

  • Video: How Does Book Publishing Work?

  • Video: How to Prepare for Publishing

Week 2: Your Voice

  • Lesson 1: Three Experiences

  • Lesson 2: Three Books

  • Lesson 3: Aspects of You

  • Lesson 4: Authority

  • Lesson 5: Mission

  • Video: Voice as Unique Contribution

  • Video: Voice as How You Say It

Week 3: Your Audience

  • Lesson 1: Your Ideal Reader

  • Lesson 2: Wants, Needs, Fears

  • Lesson 3: Their Starting Point

  • Lesson 4: Empathy

  • Lesson 5: Your Starting Point

  • Video: Developing Your Offline Platform

  • Video: Developing Your Online Platform

Week 4: Your Pregnancy Plan

  • Lesson 1: Taking Stock

  • Lesson 2: Your Book

  • Lesson 3: Your Voice

  • Lesson 4: Your Audience

  • Lesson 5: Your Plan

  • Video: Where to Go From Here

  • Video: A Primer on Goal Setting

Course Fee: $197

Registration is currently closed. Consider booking a free 20-minute chat in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment of the 4-week course?

Most Bookwifery authors report they spend between 30–60 minutes each day on the coursework for the book pregnancy planning course. You can distribute your time spent on the course in whatever way best fits your life and schedule. Some authors work on the course daily; others several times per week; and still others on one dedicated day per week.

What are the days and times of the weekly check-ins?

The weekly check-ins are made available on Thursdays at 1PM Eastern and Fridays at 11AM Eastern to accommodate the different time zones of authors living in different parts of the world. You’re encouraged to pick the day and time that best works for you and to mark it as a recurring event on your calendar so it becomes a regular rhythm of your life and your experience of your book pregnancy.

What happens after the 4-week book pregnancy planning course ends?

After the initial 4-week course, you are invited to continue forward in your book pregnancy by enrolling in the 1st Trimester course. All of the Bookwifery courses build on each other and are offered in an order that helps you know what to be doing, and when, during each phase of book pregnancy.

What are the expected costs beyond the initial 4-week course?

You can complete the entire suite of Bookwifery courses, which includes the 4-week book pregnancy planning course, the 1st Trimester course, the 2nd Trimester course, the 3rd Trimester course, and the delivery and postnatal suites, for approximately $2,000. Additional options, such as 1:1 sessions and editorial support, are available for additional fees.

How long does it take to move through the entire process of book pregnancy?

Because some aspects of book pregnancy, such as when you start working with a book publisher, depend on outside factors beyond anyone’s control, the time frame for book pregnancy is not fixed for every author. It is not uncommon for an author to be pregnant with a book for 2–3 years before her book is delivered into the world.

That being said, the 1st Trimester course runs 9 weeks; the 2nd Trimester course runs 6 months; and the 3rd Trimester course, plus the delivery and postnatal suites, operate with greater fluidity, depending on your publisher’s production schedule.

Can I join the Bookwifery Collective without purchasing the courses?

At this time, the Bookwifery Collective is available only to authors who have enrolled in the Bookwifery courses.

You have held each of our visions with such love and devotion. The care you have for each of us is so apparent, and I love your beautiful spirit in wanting our birthing process to go well and with as little pain as is possible. You have given us so many tools to make that process easier.
— Cindy Van Lunen
I have learned who I truly am and how I want to navigate the world. This leads to how I will write this book, not as an author, but as a human.
— Alissa Ackerman
This course is so good that it can only be made better by utter fantasy.
— Jennifer Cobble Willhoite
The book planning course blew my mind. I didn’t just leave it with a clear, progressive approach to writing my book. I learned so much about the writing and publishing process and everything I needed to start writing consistently right away. I feel very well guided and super inspired.
— Anka Hoerster

Course Fee: $197

Registration is currently closed. Consider booking a free 20-minute chat in the meantime.