2nd Trimester Course

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2nd Trimester Course


Includes the 6-month 2nd Trimester course and ongoing access to the Bookwifery Collective.

The course content covers:

  • Writing three sample chapters

  • Revision and self-editing

  • Writing the book proposal

  • Crafting an impeccable query letter

  • Identifying potential publishing partners (traditional or self-publishing)

  • Tailoring and submitting queries and proposal packages

  • Tracking submissions

Course Prerequisites:

The above courses, with special exception, are required for all who enroll in Bookwifery’s 2nd Trimester course. To request special exception, please inquire here.

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Please note: All Bookwifery courses are designed to support authors writing books in the general nonfiction category—what I call "books that help people"—and, more specifically, books that will heal the world with light in some way. The Bookwifery courses are not designed to support authors writing books in the memoir, creative nonfiction, or fiction categories.