Welcome to the place your book gets born.

Do you have experience or knowledge that helps others grow, find meaning, or learn something essential? Do you have a hunch you're meant to offer it in a book? 

If so, you're in the right place.

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A peek at the Bookwifery process . . .



You know something within you wants to be shared with the world. But is it a book?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

The first thing you need is a pregnancy test. Bookwifery's free pregnancy test helps you discern whether you're pregnant with a book.

If you are pregnant with a book and it's a book that's meant to help people in some way, you're invited into a 4-week planning class that prepares you to steward the book's growth.

1st Trimester

In the 1st Trimester, you start nurturing your book's development. 

Here, the cells of your book begin multiplying and its skeleton begins to take shape as the bones of the book come together.

With an eye trained toward your book, your voice, and your audience, you emerge from the 1st Trimester with:

  • A framework for your book
  • Greater confidence in your authority as the book's author
  • A plan to reach the audience you're meant to serve

2nd Trimester

The 2nd Trimester is the writing phase. In this phase, you write the first draft of your book.

Partway through the 2nd Trimester, you also prepare for Bookwifery's version of the 20-week ultrasound: the book proposal package.

You're supported through the writing process with regular check-ins that allow you to report on your progress, notice the author you're becoming, and name goals that will keep you moving forward.

Bookwifery's book proposal course walks you through the steps of creating your proposal package, fine-tuning your sample chapters, and querying agents and publishers. 

3rd Trimester

The 3rd Trimester is given toward the editing and revision work that brings a book to life.

Whether you're working with an in-house editorial team for a publishing contract or hiring an editor to ready your book for self-publishing, this is when your book grows into its fullest form. 

Through Bookwifery, you start strengthening your relationship with your audience so they're ready to receive your book once it comes into the world. You prepare the way for its successful delivery through the development of your book's birth plan.

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Congratulations! Your book has made its entrance into the world!

Once your book has been born, it's your privilege to support its right to thrive in the world and to help it meet the people it is meant to help.

At this point, you are in full execution mode with your birth plan and are continuing to learn about your book and its audience (and yourself as the author mediating between the two!) as the book connects with people in the world.