Hello! I'm Christianne, and I help birth books that help people.

I've been working in publishing and editorial for more than 15 years and began working with authors in a "bookwifery" way—as a midwife of soul and word—about three years ago.

My work at Bookwifery happened unexpectedly but happily, as it combined my many years of experience in publishing and editorial with my additional training, experience, and heart for spiritual formation and spiritual direction. Those two paths of my professional life had run along parallel tracks for quite a long time, and I always wondered when one might supersede the other. It turned out they wanted to merge!

I approach my work at Bookwifery with the understanding that writing and publishing a book is no small undertaking. I've come to believe it requires discernment, intention, and craft—all three. Regarding discernment, you have to know the work is yours to do. Regarding intention and craft, you have to know the path and follow it. 

At Bookwifery, we help you do just that. I'm so glad you're here.

My Background and Credentials

In my long career with words, I've added to my résumé the credits of associate book editor for a traditional publishing house, staff editor for an international nonprofit, writing director of an honors college, magazine and web editor for a trendy tastemaker of culture, writer-for-hire for nonprofits and for-profits and would-be authors, and full-time book editor on a freelance basis.

Books have always been my first love.

I'm also a practitioner of the soul. Nearly 10 years ago, I began dedicated training in spiritual formation and spiritual direction and earned an MA and certificate, respectively. I have been writing and developing resources for the soul since 2008.

Along the way, I completed a master's degree in entertainment business, too. 

My work at Bookwifery fosters a fulfilling blend of my editorial expertise, publishing knowledge, spiritual discernment, and business acumen—all of which I put at your disposal in the best ways I know how. It is my privilege to live out my life's call in service of your life's call.