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Hello! I'm Christianne Squires, and I help birth books that heal the world with light.



Because that's what the world needs, isn’t it—more light?

I didn't set out to be someone who helps birth these kinds of books, but that's what Bookwifery has become: a birthing center for books born by lightbearers.

Some are teachers. Some are spiritual directors or retreat leaders. Some identify as contemplatives; others as activists. Most have lived through significant life moments that changed them and made them want to help other people.

They're noble souls doing quiet, beautiful work in the world.

Taken together, I’m stunned and humbled by all that light. All that beauty and grace. All that healing and hope being brought into the world and offered for its betterment.

We need more of this. 

If this resonates with you and what you're already about in the world, I would love to come alongside you in your book pregnancy. 


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About Me and What I Do


I worked in publishing and editorial for nearly twenty years and as a spiritual director for nearly ten. It is my great delight to merge these two vocations into the work I do here at Bookwifery.

Here, I offer a clear and supportive path for you to birth your book with soul. My courses walk you through each phase of your book pregnancy to ensure the book inside you continues to grow, that space is made in the outer world to receive your book, and that you (yes, you!) are tended too. 

I talk a lot about discernment. That's because growing and birthing a book that helps heal the world with light is deeply spiritual work, undertaken in partnership with the Holy. Such partnership requires deep listening and noticing, and here you receive space for that.

I live in Florida, USA, with my husband, Kirk, and our two cats, Aslan and Lucy. We live in a tiny white cottage on a brick-lined street that daily reminds me of my dream to move to a small English village in the countryside.

It would be my great joy to come alongside you in both the practical and spiritual realities of your book pregnancy.



My Background and Credentials


Over the many years of my editorial career, I've held a number of different roles. Some of those have included:

  • Associate book editor for a traditional publishing house

  • Staff editor for an international nonprofit

  • Writing director for an honors college

  • Print magazine editor

  • Online media editor

  • Writer-for-hire

  • Fully-booked-out freelance book editor

Books have always been my first love. 

I'm also a practitioner of the soul. I have been trained in spiritual formation and spiritual direction and have earned an MA and certificate in these fields, respectively. I have been writing and developing resources for the soul since 2008.

Along the way, I completed a master's degree in entertainment business, too. 

My work at Bookwifery fosters a fulfilling blend of my editorial expertise, publishing knowledge, spiritual discernment, and business acumen, all of which I put at your disposal in the best ways I know how.

I'm so glad you're here. I hope you'll find among the offerings at Bookwifery the guidance and support you need to birth a book that helps further shine the light that is uniquely yours to bear in this world.