Privacy Policy

At Bookwifery, Inc., I seek to be in compliance with all known laws. I also value your rights as a consumer of information, goods, and services. This policy explains how I collect and use information in the day-to-day running of my business. This information is effective as of June 4, 2018. 

Birth Notes

I offer an email newsletter called Birth Notes. Those who receive this newsletter subscribed through explicit consent, the proof of which can be provided by request. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time by utilizing the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every Birth Notes newsletter. Subscribers also have a right to be forgotten, which can be exercised by request.

Course Waiting Lists

When any of Bookwifery's courses are not currently in enrollment, I make available a waiting list subscription. Those who subscribe to any of these waiting lists are not added to any additional waiting list or newsletter list and will not receive any further email communications from me beyond the course enrollment information they requested. Those who have subscribed to a waiting list can unsubscribe at any time by utilizing the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every waiting list communication. 

Course Enrollments

Individuals who enroll in my courses are added to a course-specific newsletter list to facilitate the delivery of the chosen course materials. An unsubscribe link is provided at the bottom of each course-related email; however, individuals enrolled in these courses acknowledge that exercising their right to unsubscribe from a course-specific email list may result in their not receiving the full balance of the course material. Those who enroll in Bookwifery courses are not automatically added to any additional newsletter list.

Individuals who enroll in a Bookwifery paid course agree to an exchange of currency to facilitate payment of course enrollment fees through use of one or more third parties.

Use of Third Parties

I partner with various third-party services to provide newsletter services, process payments, deliver courses, and offer video conferencing. Your information may be provided to one of these third-party services on an as-needed basis as you access relevant information, products, or services made available through Bookwifery. 

I use the following third-party services to conduct my day-to-day business operations:

  • Squarespace

  • MailChimp

  • Mighty Networks

  • Stripe

  • MoonClerk

  • Zoom

  • Skype

  • FaceTime

  • Zapier

  • Calendly

  • Dropbox

  • Google Forms

Any questions related to the terms of this privacy policy can be submitted here.