1st Trimester Course


Wouldn't it be fantastic if, when setting out on your book pregnancy, you had someone telling you what to do—and when? And someone helping you discern and hold the vision of what's developing through you?

You're in luck. Bookwifery's 1st Trimester course provides you with just that.

Step into the 1st Trimester of your book pregnancy with assurance, guidance, safety, and support.

Throughout this 9-week course, we'll take everything you learned in the 4-week book pregnancy planning course and apply it specifically to your book.

This course is offered in a small cohort setting, allowing you to work closely with your creative midwife and a trusted group of writerly peers as you start growing your book, your voice, and your audience in concrete ways. 

Course Outline

  • Week 1: Clarify your voice in your book's conversation space
  • Week 2: Rest week and first private 1:1 session
  • Weeks 3–4: Identify a plan to cultivate your audience and begin to execute it
  • Week 5: Rest week and second private 1:1 session
  • Weeks 6–8: Develop the skeleton structure of your book
  • Week 9: Rest week and third private 1:1 session

Course Format

  • 30 email lessons
  • 10+ audio and video lessons
  • Three PDF workbooks 
  • A private Facebook community
  • Nine weekly group check-in calls
  • Three private 1:1 sessions

Course Prerequisite

The above course is required for all who wish to enroll in the 1st Trimester course.

Candle with Books.jpg
You have held each of our visions with such love and devotion. The care you have for each of us is so apparent, and I love your beautiful spirit in wanting our birthing process to go well and with as little pain as is possible. You have given us so many tools to make that process easier.
— Cindy Van Lunen
This course is so good that it can only be made better by utter fantasy.
— Jennifer Cobble Willhoite

Please note: All Bookwifery courses are designed to support authors writing books in the general nonfiction category—what I call "books that help people"—and, more specifically, books that will heal the world with light in some way. The Bookwifery courses are not designed to support authors writing books in the memoir, creative nonfiction, or fiction categories.

Course Registration

Registration is currently open for the May–August 2018 cohort that includes the 4-week book pregnancy planning course and the 9-week 1st Trimester course.

  • We'll gather as a cohort for a 90-minute threshold call on Thursday, May 3, at 1PM Eastern.
  • Course material for the 4-week book pregnancy planning course begins Monday, May 7.
  • Course material for the 9-week 1st Trimester course begins Monday, June 11.
  • Course fee for the 2-course bundle is $749—a savings of $145 for the two courses.*

Questions? Contact me.

* The 4-week book pregnancy planning course is regularly priced at $197. The 9-week 1st Trimester course is regularly priced at $697.