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How do you birth a book?

I've found that it begins with discernment—with knowing this is your work to do in the first place. Discernment is an intentional process that fosters deep listening and noticing in conversation with God.

I offer a free online workshop for discernment related to book pregnancy.

But what happens after discernment?

If your book pregnancy test comes back positive, then it's time to lay a solid foundation for your book pregnancy.

That means learning a new mindset, gathering up the information and resources you'll need, and putting your house in order (so to speak) for the big life change that's coming. 

Because it is a life change.

I offer, as your very first step, a 4-week book pregnancy planning course. 


Book Pregnancy Planning Course

Through these courses, I have learned who I truly am and how I want to navigate the world. This leads to how I will write this book—not as an author, but as a human.
— Alissa Ackerman

What comes after the planning course? 

Then it's time to start growing your book.

In my methodology, we grow not just your book but also your voice and your audience every step of the way. This three-tiered approach to tending your book, your voice, and your audience—all at the same time—is critical to the successful birthing of a general nonfiction book.

During the 1st Trimester of book pregnancy, you will:

  • Assemble your book's skeleton structure—the bones of the book
  • Name your unique contribution to the conversation and the particular texture of how you communicate
  • Develop a strategy to connect with your audience and begin to execute on it

In the 1st Trimester course, you travel with a small cohort of writerly peers to start growing your book, your voice, and your audience.


1st Trimester Course

Being able to clarify my voice and determine the audience for my book has been invaluable. Being encouraged and supported and given hands-on help while I launched my own website and blog has been invaluable to me as well. Having the community of fellow-travelers surround me on this path and being able to journey with them has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.
— Kathy Swaar

What happens next?

You probably won't be surprised to hear that after the 1st Trimeter of book pregnancy, you enter the 2nd Trimester.

In the 2nd Trimester, you lean hard into an intense amount of writing. You are supported for six months as you:

  • Write your first three sample chapters
  • Create your book proposal
  • Craft an impeccable query letter
  • Identify potential publishing partners
  • Submit your tailored queries and proposal packages
  • Complete the remainder of your manuscript

Additionally, you receive my editorial feedback on each item in your proposal package and are provided with weekly check-ins for accountability with me and your peers. 

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2nd Trimester Course
(Coming Fall 2018)

And, finally, there's the 3rd Trimester of book pregnancy.

In the 3rd Trimester, you work with your publishing partners—whether you are going the route of traditional publishing or self-publishing—to complete the production process and bring your book to life.

At Bookwifery, you are supported in this phase of your book pregnancy through the creation of your book's birth plan. We focus on your audience in a big way in the 3rd Trimester so they know the value your book will bring to their lives and are prepared to receive it when it arrives. 

You're also provided with postnatal care after your book arrives. We reflect on the birthing experience, gather up the lessons learned, and consider how you will steward your book's ongoing life in the world. 

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3rd Trimester Course
(Coming Early 2019)