Book Pregnancy Planning Course

If the book What to Expect When You're Expecting were applied to book pregnancy, this 4-week intro course would be it. Book pregnancy starts here.

The course begins February 4, 2019.


It’s more than a course.
It’s companionship for the journey.

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Enroll now and receive immediate access to the brand-new Bookwifery Collective!

  • Monthly live workshops

  • Monthly coaching interviews

  • Monthly soul tending sessions

  • Weekly Q&As

  • 24/7 access to a community that fosters connection and support of you and your book pregnancy

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Enroll early and participate in the “Welcome to the Threshold” group call ritual, grounding your entry into book pregnancy. Includes:

  • Reflective questions

  • A guided meditation

  • Group sharing

The group call is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30, at 1PM Eastern.

Please note: All Bookwifery courses are designed to support authors writing books in the general nonfiction category—what I call "books that help people"—and, more specifically, books that will heal the world with light in some way. The Bookwifery courses are not designed to support authors writing in the memoir, creative nonfiction, or fiction categories.

Course Outline—beginning February 4, 2019

  • Week 1: Your Book

  • Week 2: Your Voice

  • Week 3: Your Audience

  • Week 4: Your Book Pregnancy Plan

Course Intention

  • Gain momentum for your book-birthing experience

  • Start self-identifying as an author

  • Commit to parenting your book

  • Develop a book pregnancy plan

Course Format

  • Week-daily (M–F) email lessons

  • Twice-weekly video lessons

  • Four PDF workbooks

  • Access to the Bookwifery Collective private community

  • Weekly Q&A sessions

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This course lays the foundation for your book pregnancy and is the entry point to the 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, and 3rd Trimester courses that follow, which are available by invitation only.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Your Book

  • Lesson 1: Discernment

  • Lesson 2: Time Commitment

  • Lesson 3: Publishing

  • Lesson 4: Existing Content

  • Lesson 5: The Gaps

  • Video: How Does Book Publishing Work?

  • Video: How to Prepare for Publishing

Week 2: Your Voice

  • Lesson 1: Three Experiences

  • Lesson 2: Three Books

  • Lesson 3: Aspects of You

  • Lesson 4: Authority

  • Lesson 5: Mission

  • Video: Voice as Unique Contribution

  • Video: Voice as How You Say It

Week 3: Your Audience

  • Lesson 1: Your Ideal Reader

  • Lesson 2: Wants, Needs, Fears

  • Lesson 3: Their Starting Point

  • Lesson 4: Empathy

  • Lesson 5: Your Starting Point

  • Video: Developing Your Offline Platform

  • Video: Developing Your Online Platform

Week 4: Your Pregnancy Plan

  • Lesson 1: Taking Stock

  • Lesson 2: Your Book

  • Lesson 3: Your Voice

  • Lesson 4: Your Audience

  • Lesson 5: Your Plan

  • Video: Where to Go From Here

  • Video: A Primer on Goal Setting

Course Fee: $197

The 4-week course begins February 4, 2019. Enroll now and receive immediate access to the Bookwifery Collective.